SQLCipher Lib .SO & ICU


Hi EveryOne,

I would like to be explained more clearly about lib support when using SQLCipher:
In older version using SQCipher, I have to import some libs like: armeabi-v7a, arm, x86. And when I extract have some files:

  • libstlport_shared.so
  • libsqlcipher_android.so
  • libdatabase_sqlcipher.so

And icudt46l.dat

Recently version I’m searching latest version SQLCipher (3.5.7). I didn’t find some file libstlport_shared.so, libsqlcipher_android.so…
Only libsqlcipher.so in folder armeabi-v7a, armeabi-v8a,…

Are all of them integrated into one?


Hi @banghn

As part of our Android N release in January of 2016, we restructured the library output. Now there is a single libsqlcipher.so per architecture. Please note, with that release, ICU support was removed from the library. Please see the linked post for additional details.


Many thanks @developernotes :slight_smile: