Android-Database-Sqlcipher fails to build with the removal of ant in Android SDK Tools, Revision 25.3.0

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently working on building Android-Database-Sqlcipher for our in house encryption module and I’m running into a new issue. Finally got around to updating my Android Studio stuff and went to build our module and found that the Android-Database-Sqlcipher part was failing because of the last line in the build.xml file.

I checked my sdk and sure enough ant is missing from the tools folder. I also found release Android’s sdk tools release notes that they did indeed remove ant scripts as a part of the update.

I’m going to recover the old ant/build.xml and try to copy it’s contents into the build.xml from Android-Database-Sqlcipher to see if that will serve as a work around until this gets patched. I’ll keep updating this thread as I uncover stuff.

In the mean time, has anyone else encountered this and how have they overcome it?


Hi @bcatlett

What version of the SDK tools do you have installed? Can you try 25.2.3?

The version it’s telling me for the SDK tools is 25.3.1. I would imagine 25.2.3 is what I had before the update but I can’t be sure. It was building correctly yesterday before I had Android Studio update itself and the SDK.

The build.xml file in Android-Database-Sqlcipher states that you can just copy/paste the contents of the rules files from the ant build.xml to replace the so I’ll try that and see what happens. I got a ant build.xml file from a coworker who hasn’t updated their sdk yet.

Hello @bcatlett

I’m glad to hear you resolved your local issue. In case you would like to try, you can replace the tools folder within your Android SDK. Here are the direct downloads of the 25.2.3 tools package from Google:

For Windows:

For macOS:

I’m actually downloading the 25.2.3 tools right now. Replacing the import statement with the contents of the ant build.xml file didn’t work. Didn’t have very high hopes for that working but figured I’d try it. I’m thinking I’ll just place the ant folder back into my sdk tool directory and see if that works.

Are you guys working on a patch to Android-Database-Sqlcipher to account for the removal of the ant directory in the sdk tools?

Hello @bcatlett

We will likely move the build over to Gradle in the future.