Unable to build sqlcipher for android: missing sqlite3.c file

Hi, I am new to android and sqlcipher. I downloaded source from
https://github.com/sqlcipher/android-database-sqlcipher.git. I am trying to generate sqlcipher.so file but getting error that sqlite3.c file is missing. Could someone help me to resolve this issue.

Hi @Murugalakshmi

Thank you for your interest in SQLCipher for Android. If you do not have a specific need to build the library from source, you may wish to integrate the prebuilt binaries we provide with our community edition. You can find more information about that here in our tutorial.

Thanks for the suggestion, but building library from source would be preferred. Could you help for resolving that file missing issue.

Hi @Murugalakshmi

Are you following the build instructions with the proper environment? What command are you executing that generates the error? Can you share some additional details regarding why you need to build from source?