[Android] Google play store Error "Bad OpenSSL version"

We are using a community version of SQLCipher which is v4.2.0.
When we are trying to publish an app over the store, it was showing an error which says that,

Bad OpenSSL version
Your app is using a malformed version of the OpenSSL library which may cause crashes. Please install a corrected version of OpenSSL.

Defective versions:

OpenSSL 1.1.1b

Now, an update of the SQLCipher version to the latest 4.5.2 will resolve this error or do we need a separate patch or solution for this please assists us ASAP.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @shreena_shah - yes, you should upgrade to 4.5.2 to resolve that problem.

What version of OpenSSL is Sqlcipher 4.5.2 for Android, using?

Hello @kavitha

We have replied to your separate posting: