Android room Db with zetatic is very slow to fetch data

We are using Zetatic Version 4.5.0 with RoomDB Kotlin Android , Our Database taking 4 seconds to execute very simple query like SELECT * FROM TABLE ( this table have only one record)
is there any way to improve this? here is our implementation

fun provideDatabase(context: Context): AppDatabase {

     private fun getSupportFactory(): SupportFactory {
  val passPhrase: ByteArray = SQLiteDatabase.getBytes(DB_PASSPHRASE.toCharArray())
  val hook = object : SQLiteDatabaseHook {
      override fun preKey(database: SQLiteDatabase?) {}

      override fun postKey(database: SQLiteDatabase?) {
          database?.rawExecSQL("PRAGMA key = '$DB_PASSPHRASE';")
          database?.rawExecSQL("PRAGMA cipher_migrate;")
  return SupportFactory(passPhrase, hook)