Anyone have Codebook running in WINE?

Hey, I have Codebook running in wine. My distro (fedora 29) has wine-4.0-rc6, but I’ve actually been using Codebook under wine for months. I use it every day / depend on it.

I used winetricks to install:

I’m not sure how many of those are actually required; some trial-and-error was obviously required to get everything working.

I use Google Drive sync between all of my devices, and unfortunately I was NOT able to get Google authorization working at all under Wine. YMMV obviously, but I could never get it working.

However, I WAS able to get Google Drive synchronization working by setting up Codebook for Windows set up on a temporary windows partition, then copying over the configuration files. That seemed to “carry over” the authorization token, and allow Codebook to sync successfully under wine.

Good luck! Maybe someday Zetetic will release a QT version or something that works equally well on all platforms. :slight_smile:

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