Codebook for Windows Beta Install

I’ll start by saying that Cloud Sync is a great addition to Codebook.
I hope the price will be reasonable.
The sign-up process was straight-forward, and the upgrade on Windows went smooth and very quick.
I am an Android user, so I am hoping Android offers Cloud sync soon.
Because of Android, I need to remember to sync with Dropbox for now. This is where I feel the design is a bit confusing.
IMHO, sync options should be under the “Sync” menu. It took me a while to find them under File->Preferences->Sync. The good news is that sync between Cloud and Dropbox worked without a hitch.

I do have a very strange problem getting the new version working on my work Windows laptop.
It does not accept the master password no matter what I try. I’ve deleted the strip directory from %APPDATA% multiple times, but it always reports wrong password.

Of course this could be related to my workplace security policy. I’ve been using version 4 on this laptop without any problems. However, as soon as I upgraded to version 5 a warning from our security team came about an unauthorized password manager. I explained that it’s for my personal use, and they seemed to be OK. However, the master password problem persists. If you have any suggestions, I’ll be willing to try them. However, I don’t want to push my luck with IT too much :slight_smile:

Hello @leonid55,

Thank you for your feedback regarding Codebook Cloud!

Do you mean the option to switch between different sync services specifically?

That is puzzling, the Codebook data itself, including the encrypted database is stored in:

%appdata%\Zetetic LLC\Strip

If you have deleted that directory and exited Codebook for Windows, when you start Codebook for Windows again it will prompt you to go through our new setup process where you can optionally sign in to Codebook Cloud, set your Master Password, etc. Can you confirm whether you experience this? Does your workplace security policy allow you to delete that folder? If you’d rather, you can certainly reach out to us privately at as well. Thanks!

Yes, to switch between different sync services.

I have no problem deleting the Strip folder. Doing so, as expected causes Codebook to go through the new setup process. However, the option to sign into Cloud is not available. Using a QR to add new device appears to work and it accepts the master password at first. However, trying to open database afterwards causes a wrong password error. Similar problem when trying to create a brand new db. It asks for the master password but rejects it.
I tried to replicate it on another home PC, but here everything went without a hitch.
I’ll try a few other thing on the work laptop, and report back.

Hi @leonid55,

Can you provide a screenshot of the new setup process you are seeing? During the new setup process, if you scan your Sync Key QR code and provide the Master Password to decrypt the QR code, Codebook for Windows will use the provided Master Password during setup to configure the Master Password for your installation. If you could provide a screenshot of what you are seeing that would be helpful. Thanks!

Hello Nick,

I am attaching several screenshots I took during the process. Here are the steps I’ve repeatedly taken. (I also tried removing and reinstalling CB Cloud but it made no difference.)

  1. Delete the Strip folder in %APPDATA%\Zetetic.

  2. Launch CB and get to the Welcome screen

  3. Click on “Scan Sync Key…”. Scan QR from the Android phone.

  4. Enter the password.

  5. Configuration screen is next

  6. All subsequent launches of the app go the password screen

  7. Anytime I enter the password, incorrect password is displayed


Hello @leonid55,

Those are the correct screens. Are you entering the same password you provided on step 4 when you attempt to login on step 6?

Yes, exactly the same.

Hello @leonid55,

When you get the opportunity, with Codebook for Windows not running, would you launch a Windows command prompt and execute the following command:

cd %programfiles(x86)%\Zetetic LLC\Codebook
Codebook.exe --debug

The login window along with a log window should appear. When you attempt to login, do you receive any error messages within the log window? If so, would you copy and paste those from the log window for review here?

The error log is below. Thanks.

Hello @leonid55,

Thank you for sharing that log, it is helpful in understanding this situation. It appears that the application may not have been able to load a library named session.dll which is included with our installer. Is there any chance you are running an anti-virus software? If so, would it be possible for you to check whether the anti-virus software has quarantined the file on your system?

Yes, the computer is running Cisco Secure Endpoint.
Here is the event log where it detects malware in session.dll.
















C:\Program Files (x86)\Zetetic LLC\Codebook\x64\session.dll


Hello @leonid55,

Thank you for providing that, it definitely looks as if Cisco Secure Endpoint has flagged session.dll as a false positive. I am not familiar with the Secure Endpoint product from Cisco, but it appears they have a way for you to collect information and submit this to Cisco for further review:

Would you mind giving that a try when you have the opportunity?

It looks like I do not have access to this functionality in Cisco Secure Endpoint.

Hi @leonid55,

We released a new version of Codebook yesterday, which includes new beta builds for Codebook Cloud. Would you try installing the latest for Windows, version 5.0.5, and let us know if you are still receiving the error message from Cisco Secure Endpoint?

The new version is working! For the record, I first uninstalled Codebook but did not remove %appdata%/Zetetic folder.
After installing the latest beta it prompted me for the master password. This time I was able to get past this step. I then logged into cloud and selected “Restore from cloud”. The app asked for the Sync key, which I provided through my Android phone. The initial restore was lightning fast, truly impressive!
Thank you.

Hi @leonid55,

Thank you for your prompt feedback, I’m happy to hear everything is working properly for you and Codebook Cloud is fast. Thanks again!