Sync help needed!

Hi there!

I have been using codebook for a number of years on my mobile and have been very impressed with it. I just purchased Codebook for windows. Does it matter in which order I sync the devices? I scanned the QR code generated by my Android on my PC but when I told my PC to sync, the data from my moblie did not apprear. I am now concerned that if I sync my phone it will delete all my data and replace it with the data on my windows copy of codebook (as in no data) thus losing all my information.

I dont know if i’m worrying for no reason, but the idea of losing all of my passwords fills me with dread, any help would be muchly appreciated.


Hi @isaac_willis, thanks so much for using Codebook!

What Sync Service are you using, on either device?

For instance, if you go into the Settings in Codebook for Windows, do you have it set to Desktop WiFi, or one of the cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive)?

Similarly, on Android, if you launch Codebook and go to the Sync view, is the service set to Desktop WiFi, or one of the other services?

Desktop WiFi

If you want to sync over your local Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Launch Codebook for Windows and sign in
  • Go to the Settings view and set the Sync Service to Desktop WiFi
  • Launch Codebook on your Android and sign in
  • Go to the Sync view
  • Set the Service to Desktop WiFi
  • Tap on the Computer row, and select your Windows computer when it appears in the list (e.g. Isaac’s PC)
  • Back on the Sync view on your Android, tap the Start sync button

Sync over WiFi gets initiated on the mobile side.

Google Drive and Dropbox

If you are using Google Drive or Dropbox for your sync service, which one you sync with first it mostly a matter of preference. However, I would advise you to first sync the device that has all your passwords with the service. So, if that’s Android, do that one first. Then, start a sync with the same service from Windows, and your data from Android should then appear (it’s not automatic, like our upcoming sync service).

If you are worried about making absolutely sure that you don’t lose any data when you sync your Android with the cloud service, you could do an Overwrite sync from Android, and then a Restore sync on Windows.

Please let us know if that helps!

I used the overwrite method you recommended, and it worked perfectly!

Thankyou for the help my friend