Can no longer sync with dropbox on Windows 10

I am using Codebook and have been for years with no problems. Now, I cannot sync with dropbox. I get an Invalid Password error 30% into Sync With Dropbox. I have performed this sync hundreds of times with no problems.
I am able to backup to Google Drive, but not to dropbox.
I did not change my dropbox password.
I logged out of dropbox and logged back in - no problem. Password was not changed. So is the problem with Codebook or Dropbox? And any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi @bronxer

Thank you for your support of Codebook, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. I’d be happy to help

This is because the master password used on Codebook for Windows must match the master password of the database replica that is stored in Dropbox to perform a bi-directional sync. Did you recently change the master password on Codebook for Windows? If so, and your data on Codebook for Windows is fully up to date, you can opt to perform an Overwrite operation to Dropbox from the Sync menu in Codebook for Windows. This will replace the replica database with what you have stored on Codebook for Windows. Once completed, you can return to regular syncing. Would you give that a try and let us know your results?

I get the same problem intermittently with Dropbox on both Windows 10 and Android. I have never changed my password on any machine. The technique recommended above eventually works, not always first time.

I have Codebook on on android phone, on my laptop and have never had any problems syncing data - until now. I did not change passwords. My phone syncs perfectly. My windows 10 laptop suddenly cannot sync.

Any suggestions?

Your suggestion to Overwrite Dropbox worked!!
I was afraid to try that thinking I might lose the db file, but it did indeed work.

Thank you so much!!

Hello @bronxer

That is excellent news, we are happy to hear that worked for you. Thanks!