Trying to change Codebook Master Password


I have multiple devices with codebook and read how to change it:
Did the following:
1 - Synced all my devices.
2 - Changed my Windows 10 Codebook password with the “Change Password” option.
3 - Selected “Overwrite Dropbox” under Sync menu.
4 - Gets about 30% through and gets ‘Invalid Password’ message.

I read here how to do this so I am doing something wrong or missing a step.
Thanks, Jack


Hi @jackqueenan

Thank you for using Codebook and contacting us, although I’m sorry for the trouble. I was able to reproduce the behavior you described.

We are investigating this further and will correct the behavior in a future release.

In the mean time here are the steps you can use to sync properly after changing the master passwords of your devices:

  1. Login to Dropbox through the web browser.
  2. Locate the strip.db file within the Zetetic folder. Move that file outside of that folder (or delete it).
  3. Attempt to perform a sync operation again.

Please let me know if this allows you to sync again. Thanks!



Hi Micah,
That worked fine. Thanks for the quick response.



Excellent. Glad I could help.