Invalid password


I have just installed Codebook for windows and have been using Codebook on my Apple iphone X for some time. When i try to sync the dropbox codebook files with the windows I I am getting an invalid password error, i have checked the passwords and they seem to be correct. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @legarrett - Thanks so much for using Codebook, though I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. If I might as, when you installed Codebook for Windows, did you initially set the Master Password there to the same value you are using on your iPhone X? If not, that would likely be causing the problem. The master passwords would need to match between the two in order to synchronize.

If you’d like to change your Windows Codebook password to match, launch the application then use the File → Change Password menu. After you change the password, try to sync again.

Can you give that a try and let us know if it resolves the problem?


had to remove the database files on the desktop and reload Codebook to desktop to change the password. Iphone X and the Desktop password are now identical, but when I try to sync with Dropbox i still get the invalid password error. Now when I try to sync the Iphone with Dropbox I get an error, which I didn’t before.
From Iphone
Unable to Sync
The Database found on Dropbox appears to have a different password than the one on your device.

My only thought would be to delete the dropbox file, then resync with the iphone and then with Windows. Could that work?

Also I have been running roboform on the desktop, but have become frustrated with it which is why I want to switch to Codebook. Are you aware of a method to transfer the records from one to the other, or am I SOL, and will have to do it manually.




Hello @legarrett

When you change your master password within Codebook, you also need to update any database replica’s you may have, including those stored on Dropbox. An easy way to do this after you change your password is to change your Operation type from Sync to Overwrite on the Sync screen within Codebook, then initiate the sync out to Dropbox, this will replace the replica stored on Dropbox with your current local database which is using the updated password.


Just got back from vacation.

Have done above still get invalid password error