iOS Dropbox Restore

iPhone 14, iOS 17.3.1
So… I was goofing around with FaceID and made an alternate face. Well, apparently that broke my connection to Codebook.
Tried to restore it. Didn’t work.
I thought I saw someplace that I could reset FaceID and it would work with codebook.
It didn’t.

I have had my app hooked up to Dropbox. My last sync to DB was 12/31/23, and those .db files are intact.
But I don’t appear to be able to sync up do Dropbox to sync back to my phone.

I have been using Codebook for a long time and don’t know if I have a sync key.

I’m dyslexic and ADHD and difficulty understanding the procedures to try and restore.
Is there a youtube vid that walks through the procedure?

If I have access to the .db files via my dropbox account, why can’t I restore them directly?

Hi @skaughtb

Thank you for your support of Codebook and for posting to the discussion forum, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble accessing Codebook.

Codebook biometrics (Touch ID/Face ID) will become invalidated for security reasons when you add or remove a finger/face, which sounds like what occurred for you. When this happens you’ll need to login to Codebook using your Codebook Master Password once to re-enable Face ID.

From your description, it sounds like you may have forgotten your Codebook Master Password, is that correct?

Your Synced Codebook data in Dropbox is encrypted with your Codebook Sync Key which is stored in your Codebook instances. When you created your Codebook Sync Key, you should have been prompted to take a backup copy of it (either printed out Sync Key QR Code or a written down Sync Key word list – 20 words). Do you happen to recall doing that at all? If you can locate your backup copy of your Codebook Sync Key we could use that to restore your Codebook data from Dropbox using another copy of Codebook.

There are some examples of what the backup Sync Key screens look like here: Codebook Help - Backup Your Sync Key

A few final questions:

  • Do you still have Codebook installed on your iPhone and are unable to access it using your Codebook Master Password or did you already delete it and re-install it with a new Master Password?
  • Do you use Codebook on any other devices and do those devices successfully sync with Dropbox?
  • Do you have a backup of your Codebook Sync Key?