Invalid Password when syncing


Hello - one of our users (3.0.7 on Windows 7) is trying to sync with Google Drive, and while it was working fine before, now it is giving “invalid password” no matter what.

Codebook is accessible via the master password, without issue. This error occurs when attempting to sync.

Since she recently enabled 2FA in google, we reset the sync by re-entering the google credentials. Same error.

What can we do?


Hi @rickcogley

Have they recently change their master password on Codebook for Windows since the last time they synchronized with Google Drive?


Hi @developernotes, yes, I think so, but I’ll find out.
If they did, does that break the sync? And can I fix by deleting the copy on Google Drive?

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Hi @rickcogley

Yes, the password must match on both the local database as well as the remote (i.e., Google Drive) to perform a synchronization. When a user changes their master password, it is best to syncrhonize first, change the master password next, then perform an overwrite operation with the remote. Following these steps will guarantee no data is lost and future synchronization operations succeed.

If the user did change their password, they could change it back to the old password temporarily, and then follow the steps above for changing it.


I changed the Master Password on my Android Device (usually the Master Device). I synchronized, changed the Master Password and attempted to do an overwrite on the remote. In order to access the remote I had to sign into it with the old password. When I went to overwrite from DropBox I received an invalid password error. Do I have to reinstall on my other devices? (I have also had to delete the Strip.db from the Zetetic directory as directed from another post when initially creating the new password.

I can reset the password to the old one for now, but I really would like to reset the Master Password for all devices/synching.


Hi @TechSentinel

In order to access the remote I had to sign into it with the old password

Which old password did you have to sign in with (Your Old-Master-Password for Codebook or your Dropbox-Password), and to where?

From your post it sounds like you’re attempting to change your master password for Codebook, is that correct?

There are 3 passwords at play here, let’s call them Old-Master-Password, New-Master-Password, and Dropbox-Password.

Here are the steps that should work if you’d like to change your Codebook Master Password:

  1. Change your master password on one device, this should now have your New-Master-Password.
  2. Perform an overwrite operation from that device to Dropbox (you may need to sign into Dropbox using your Dropbox-Password if your not already linked)
  3. Change your master password on each other device you’d like to sync with (to the same New-Master-Password as you just used earlier).
  4. Perform a sync operation with each other device.

Could you try these steps out and let me know if you get the “Invalid Password” error, and at which step it occurs. Also you mentioned you had to sign into it with the old password, is that the Old-Master-Password (the Master Password for Codebook previous to changing it) or you Dropbox password?

If there’s any information you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly, feel free to PM me or write us privately at



Yeah, as dumb as a stump. I just realized I needed to change the passwords on the other devices. Sorry for pestering. Thanks all! I depend on and think the product & support are great.



No problem at all! Glad I could help.