Attempting to open history.db file in DB Browser for SQLite

Hi guys! I know nothing about coding or SQLite but I’m trying to open a history file called “history.db” and when i click to open its gives me the option to type in the password. In raw key it just gives me the options to input “0x” no other keys work… can anyone help me? Thanks !

Hi @Barbara_Cardoso

Thanks for posting to the discussion forum. If the history.db file was encrypted using SQLCipher you’ll need the encryption key/raw key to decrypt it. A few questions:

  1. Where did you get the history.db file?
  2. Do you know if SQLCipher was used to encrypt it?
  3. Do you know the passphrase or raw key used to encrypt it?

I got the file from my finder on my macOS, from my library and i do believe SQLCipher was used to encrypt it but i don’t know the key/raw key used to encrypt it… when i try to bypass it it tells me “could not open database file, reason: unable to open database file” not sure what i can do…


You’ll need to know the key/raw key used to encrypt the database to decrypt it and open it. Without that you won’t be able to decrypt/open the encrypted database.