SQLCipher file cant be open

I create a SQLCipher file and set the passwd.
I follow the method to install. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48105035/sqlite-browser-without-sqlcipher-support-in-ubuntu

Then I open the SQLCipher file. It cant open it .
How can I do ?

Hi @Tom_Tom

Thanks for your interest in SQLCipher. Do you know what version of SQLCipher was used to build DB Browser for SQLite? Depending on the version used, that may be the issue.

We generally recommend folks interested in a GUI management interface utilize the nightly builds of DB Browser for SQLite as they support both SQLCipher versions 3 and 4.

Would you try opening your database with a nightly build and let us know your results? By default, DB Browser will prompt with SQLCipher 4 settings, however, if that doesn’t work, you may try selecting version 3 from their interface.

My OS is ubuntu18.04
How can I do ?
The nightly builds is for windows and mac.
So you mean the method cant work for sqlcipher SQLite Browser without SQLCipher support in Ubuntu - Stack Overflow

Hi @Tom_Tom

Since you are using Ubuntu, you may wish to build the command line shell, we have instructions for that here.

Thanks for your help.
I success.