Autofill for Windows

I’ve been using CodeBook for a couple of years now and love it.

One of my favourite features is the iOS “autofill” feature, which enables me to very quickly get a password auto-filled from CodeBook by just clicking on the password field.

Is this something that could be implemented for Windows (desktop)? This would save so many key presses, as currently Secret Agent is a fairly laborious way to get the form filled-in.

One suggestion could be that the Secret Agent uses the URL of the page to guess the right password, saving some time… also, it might be possible for Secret Agent to fill in both the username and password fields, rather than having to do both manually?

Are there any plans along these lines?

Hi @LordScree

Thanks for your feedback on Codebook for Windows, we always appreciate hearing from our customers. I’ve included some comments below:

We may consider this feature at a later date. The challenge here is that there is a bit of spelunking required at runtime for each browser to determine the URL, thus there is not a uniform approach. This type of integration can also be brittle when a browser manufacturer changes various UI implementation details, potentially breaking the integration.

Both desktop versions of Codebook support default and custom Secret Agent Actions (SAA) which address this behavior exactly! There is both a user interface element for you to click on for running SAA’s, or a keyboard shortcut. We have more information available here for review.


OMG all this time…

Thank you!

Hi @LordScree

Absolutely, we’re sorry to hear the feature was previously missed!