Logging Into an App

I’m a new Codebook user, with 1PW in my rear view mirror.

Is there a way to associate a Codebook login to a particular App sign in, or must Secret Agent be relied on for this?

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Hi ispy99,

Thanks so much for choosing Codebook! The answer to that depends on the platform. In addition to Secret Agent on macOS and Windows, we provide an AutoFill feature on Android, iOS, and macOS:


To associate an Entry with a particular website for AutoFill you only need to add a Field with a type of Website and set its value to the domain name, host name, or URL of the service in question. That will allow Codebook’s AutoFill features to offer the right credentials.

If you need to search the AutoFill interface for an Entry and it’s not already associated with a website, Codebook AutoFill will offer to save the association.

Please let us know if that helps.