Build instructions for PHP 7

Anyone has experience building SQLChiper with PHP 7? ./configure runs ok, but make fails with lots of errors in sqlite.c. I am using Debian 9. Thanks.

Sorry, I got it running in the meantime. Works well!

Hi @andrisi

We are happy to hear you were able to get everything working. If you ran into any particular challenges, please feel free to share those below. Thanks!

@developernotes thanks, just the usual missing packages, headers, etc. BTW, do you have an update schedule? The sqlite3 command line client is a bit smarter in newer SQLite version, with history, etc. - would be nice to have. Otherwise thanks.

Hi @andrisi

Great, glad to hear you were able to resolve the build issue quickly.

We do not have a specific schedule, however the 3.20.x release series appears to be rather stable so we will likely rebase on that version.

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@developernotes Hi, any updates on updating your SQLite base to the 3.21 series? We’re moving into testing the stuff we built on top of SQLCipher. Thanks a lot!

Hi @andrisi

We will be releasing a new version of SQLCipher based on upstream SQLite 3.20.1 soon. Thanks!