SQLite 3.25.x support?

Are there any plans to update SQLCipher to support the latest SQLite 3.25.x versions?

It would seem that SQLite is moving along, but SQLCipher is usually quite far behind. I think the current one only supports up to 3.21. Is that right?




Hello @BrendanD. A new version of SQLCipher will be released shortly based on 3.25.2.


@sjlombardo Thanks for the work you do to make SQLCipher available.

I’m just curious if you have a sense if the next release is days, weeks, or months away. I’m doing a transactional delete/update workaround for SQLite upserts for now, but just curious! Thanks.

Hi @aguynamedben we’re definitely in the time range of a couple weeks at this point. Everything is pretty-much feature complete, but we’re wrapping up packaging, testing, documentation.

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Great to hear, thanks for the update!

Any update on this please?

Hello @mtissington - thanks for following up. We hit a few delays, but we’re currently targeting the end of November for release. We are already making beta testing builds available to current Commercial Edition and Enterprise Program licensees now - if you fall into this category please feel free to reach out to us at support@zetetic.net.

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