SQLCipher 4.5.6 Release

SQLCipher 4.5.6 is now available.

These are the primary changes to SQLCipher core:

  • Updates baseline to upstream SQLite 3.44.2.
  • Improves PRAGMA cipher_integrity_check to report expected page size if invalid.
  • Implements PRAGMA page_size compatibility with PRAGMA cipher_page_size so both will operate properly on encrypted databases.

There are also a number of enhancements to the Commercial and Enterprise packages for this release:

  • Important Breaking Change: Renames the packages for Windows UAP (zetetic-sqlcipher-windows-uap) to Windows UWP (zetetic-sqlcipher-uwp) to reflect current Microsoft Naming for the Universal Windows Platform. As a result of this change, NuGet Package References will need to be updated in dependent projects.
  • Minimum packaging for UWP and Windows updated to Visual Studio 2019.
  • All SQLCipher non-FIPS packages that use the OpenSSL Cryptographic Provider are now using OpenSSL 3.0.12 LTS.
  • Builds are now compiled with SQLITE_ENABLE_API_ARMOR for additional security.
  • Additional improvement to .NET MAUI reference projects for wider compatibility with .NET 7 and 8.
  • Updates minimum version for macOS example projects to support current Xcode requirements.
  • Adjusts iOS framework code signing to avoid verification error under new versions of Xcode.
  • Adds a new SQLCipher.framework for macOS.
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Great release cadence.

Is there a timeline for updating upstream SQLite to 3.45.0 - The JSONB support is something I’m looking to support in my project.


Hi @gaberudy - SQLCipher releases track slightly behind SQLite, usually by one major release. We try to wait until a SQLite release has “stabilized” before doing new releases based on it. Often, there are patch releases that follow in the wake of a SQLite release and fix issues or bugs identified post release. For example, there were 3 releases in the 3.44 series, .0, .1, and .2, and we waited until the patches stopped before releasing 3.5.6.

The next release will definitely be based on 3.45.x to include the JSONB improvements. We can’t comment on an exact time frame at this point, but please keep an eye on this discussion forum for updates.

Great, thanks for the clarification on what the upstream tracking strategy is.