Building the ADO net



I’m working on a project which involves use of System.Data.SQLite.dll which is a quite old, and I’m trying to build
recent version. The path which I’m trying to go is to use project and to take amalgamation from sqlcipher. I’m not sure whether this could work in this way. Since you offering commercial support I suspect that you are willing to give a full support how to do this, but I would appreciate if you could give me some hints so that I could try. Eventually we know how to find a solution :).

Thanks in advanced!



Hello @alkos - thanks for your interest in SQLCipher! It is technically possible to build System.Data.SQLite with SQLCipher, however, it can be quite technically challenging. Therefore it is not a scenario we provide assistance with under community edition support due to the complexity involved.

That said, if you’d like to safe some time and use a supported solution, we do sell a pre-build ADO.NET provider under our Commercial Edition platform. Please feel free to take a look at SQLCipher for Windows ADO.NET if you are interested.