Using SQLCipher with Windows 7


We want to use SQLCipher across platform including Windows 7. What’s the best way to go about this? We have the DLLs for Windows 8 (and Android and iOS) and the ADO.Net provider for Windows 7.

For Windows 7 will the provider work with any SQLLite implementation or do we need to be using the ADO.Net provider directly against a SQLLite database?


Kevin Jones


Hello @Kevin_Jones,

SQLCipher for ADO.NET is likely your best option, as it will run on Windows XP - Windows 8.1 and has been used extensively on Windows 7. We do have SQLCipher for Windows Runtime which targets Surface devices and modern desktops such as Windows 8.0 and 8.1, though we have not tested it on Windows 7.

With regard to the client library provided, SQLCipher for ADO.NET comes with a driver based on ADO.NET, while SQLCipher for Windows Runtime use a variant of sqlite-net. Usage of different client library could be possible, but it is difficult to say that any implementation would work without some level of integration effort.


Thanks for the reply.

The issue we have is that the Windows 7 project is the last that’s been added; meaning we already have a Windows 8.1 project with the code in place, so we were hoping to be able to reuse that code if possible. Because of this I have a couple more questions.

  1. Do you think there’s any reason why the Windows 8.1 lib won’t work on Windows 7 (does it rely on any WinRT APIs for example)? While I know you haven’t tested it it might be our best option

  2. If we use the library I assume this means we have to write either code or may be able to use Entity Framework over this provider?

Thanks again