SQLCipher in .Net5

I need to develop a new .Net5 applicatio and I would like to know wich is the more appropriate package :
SQLCipher Windows .NET
SQLCipher for ADO.NET (.NET/C#)
SQLCipher for Windows Universal Application Platform (.NET/C#)

thank you

Hi @electro

SQLCipher for Windows .NET will allow you to utilize a larger number of .NET client libraries for interfacing with a SQLCipher database including: a sqlite-net compatible package (lightweight ORM), Microsoft Entity Framework, and Microsoft’s ADO.NET implementation. Additionally, SQLCipher for Windows .NET is bundled as a NuGet package. SQLCipher for ADO.NET is based on the System.Data.SQLite package and uses native preloading for deployment. Finally, SQLCipher for Windows Universal Application Platform is meant for targeting Windows 10 only, along with supporting Windows Store deployment. You can use .NET 5 with any of these packages. We also offer free trials upon request of SQLCipher if you wish to evaluate the software prior to purchase. Please let us know if you have any other questions.