C++ ORM with SQLCipher



We are currently using your library in our C++ library. This library is used by iOS and Android. We are wanting to move away from raw SQL queries into having an ORM. Does anyone on here have experience using an ORM with SQLCipher. Would love some advice on this…


Tom - Touch Surgery


Hi @Tom_Stoffer

What platform are you using to develop the iOS and Android applications? Are you using Xamarin, or just native development tools for each platform?


We are using native tools, Xcode and Android Studio. Currently most of the cpp dev is in Xcode and we just use the library “out of the box” on Android.


Hi @Tom_Stoffer

While we are moving to SQLite.Net-PCL for many of our Windows-based client libraries, including those currently offered via our Xamarin components which provides a lightweight ORM, we do not have a commercial ORM offering for native iOS and Android development with SQLCipher.

You might consider evaluating the Encrypted Core Data project for iOS which uses SQLCipher, however I can’t comment on it as it is not something we use.