Can Codebook Access/updated on my Iphone & Wife on hers & constantly update?


Such an embarrassing 101 Q. Hopefully answers will help similar un-savvys like me. But have learned the hard way that this is different than sharing. And it must be linked to I cloud or drop box? perhaps links and clarifying lingo will hep. Thankyou for your patience!


Hello @DLO

That is certainly an understandable question. Codebook allows for synchronization of data with other instances of Codebook. Mobile devices running Codebook for iPhone for example can either synchronize over the cloud via Dropbox, or Google Drive; alternatively you can synchronize with Codebook running on the desktop. Synchronization is a manually triggered event you will need to initiate however. We have some instructions here for getting started with sync.


All clear in th attachment but one last clarification: when you say: "Synchronization is a manually triggered event you will need to initiate"
Do you mean I have to manually sync each time I make a change of an item?. Or do you mean I have to initiate only the setup mechanism to sync, and once I do, every time my wife or my self make a change of an item it automatically syncs.



You will need to initiate the synchronization each time you wish to synchronize your changes to the remote replica.