Imac and iphone sync to different files

I have Codebook Version

  • List item 4.0.2 (853) on my iPhone 7

  • List item Codebook for macOS 3.7.6 (634) schema 16

Since since the introduction of the SYNC KEY functionality I have the problems that this devices are able to synch with Dropbox but not on the same place in Dropbox.

  • Codebook on iphone 7 synchs with
  • Codebook on macbook pro synchs with a file in folder Zetetic/Shards/ -> file codebook-changesets-32.db

Can you please help me? I’m realy desperate!

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards

Hi Bruno,

Thank you very much for using Codebook and reaching out, although I’m sorry for the disruption after updating.

Codebook 4 devices won’t be able to sync with Codebook 3 devices. So you’ll want to update Codebook for macOS to the latest Codebook 4 version. There are links to download the latest macOS versions here Within that post there is also an example video of generating/importing a Sync Key.

After you update Codebook for macOS to Codebook 4, when you first login you’ll be presented with the Sync Key setup screens.

Here are the steps to import your Sync Key into macOS from iOS after updating:

If you have a camera on your macOS computer:

  1. On the initial Sync Key setup screen click “Yes” (I already have a Sync Key).
  2. If you have a camera click “Scan Sync Key”, you may be prompted to allow Codebook access to your camera, if prompted click “Allow”, after which a camera view should appear on the screen within Codebook.
  3. Display your Sync Key QR Code on iOS buy following the instructions here: (Under “Displaying your Sync Key”)
  4. Scan the Sync Key QR Code with the camera view on macOS, after which you’ll be prompted to enter your Codebook Master Password from iOS, enter it and complete the Sync Key setup.

There’s examples of it in action here here: (Under “If you already created a Sync Key”)

If you don’t have a camera on your macOS computer:

  1. On the initial Sync Key setup screen click “Yes” (I already have a Sync Key).
  2. Click “I have a word list instead”
  3. Display your Sync Key Word List on iOS by following these steps:
  4. Enter your Word List into macOS exactly as it appears on iOS.
  5. Complete the Sync Key setup

Once you’ve updated Codebook for macOS to the latest version 4, and imported your Sync Key, you should be able to sync between your devices.

Let me know if this allows you to update Codebook for macOS, import your Sync Key, and sync.

We’ll be happy to help if you have any questions or run into any issues along the way. You can respond here on the discussion forum or write us directly at



Thanks, it worked!




Excellent news. Glad I could help.

Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions, issues, or feedback.

Have a happy New Year!