Can I open a v4 db file using SQLCipherV3

Hi, I encounter a problem. Thanks for any advice!

In my application, I need to create database in client side, and then send this file to server side to do additional operations.

I upgrade my client SQLCipher to v4.0.1. However the library of server side still remain v3.

Can I use SQLCipher v3 to open this database file creating by SQLCipher v4? If can, how to?

Hello @sb8544

Unfortunately, due to the large number of changes in SQLCipher 4, you cannot make runtime adjustments to allow a SQLCipher 3 library to open a default SQLCipher 4 database file format. We would either recommend updating the server side to 4.x, or if that is not an option, setting the compatibility mode of the SQLCipher 4 client library to use version 3, you can find more information about that here.