Codebook and Google Drive Update

I use Google Drive to Sync Codebook across my Macs/iPhone/iPad and iPod. It has worked well and I have got used to the process with the Google Drive database being the oracle for my data.

Now I notice that Google Drive on my Mac is nagging me with ‘Upcoming Changes’ to their software. Has anyone updated to the ‘new’ Google Drive software yet and were there any issues?

It would be nice to know if this is a painless process or there are any gotchas/ difficulties getting sync to work after the update. And yes, I will be backing up the database before beginning anything.

Hey @mike

Thank you for your support of Codebook and for posting to the discussion forum.

I believe you’re referring to the Google Drive desktop application on your Mac asking you to update, is that correct?

Codebook uses the Google Drive API to interface with your Google Drive account and sync your Codebook data. This is completely separate from the Google Drive App on your desktop. Because of this, we haven’t seen updating the Google Drive Apps on your Desktop interfere with Codebook’s sync using to the Google Drive API in the past, so you should be fine updating the Google Drive desktop App.

Let me know if I correctly understood your inquiry and if this information is helpful. Thanks!

Hi @mmoore

Thanks for the helpful info you provided in your reply, hopefully this topic might be useful to others who have similar questions.

Your assumption was correct; and I was simply concerned that there may have been some underlying changes to Google Drive that would interfere with Codebook operation. Google direct you off to a ‘more info’ page, but it was not entirely clear if everything would continue to work as usual.


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