Sync to gdrive after upgrade to Codebook for macbook and iphone


I have used strip for a couple of years on a macbook.

I recently switched from Android phone to iphone and discovered the upgrade to Codebook.

  1. Macbook app purchase icon finally updated but to Codebook Lite. Macbook Codebook is working like my purchased Strip on the Macbook.
  2. When I try to sync to google drive now on Macbook - received error: The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error 400.) (null)
  3. When I finally figured out how to get app on my iphone, it acts like a new account and I don’t see how to add/modify existing



Thank you for your support of Codebook! Would you try unlinking your account within the Codebook → Preferences menu, clicking the ‘Unlink’ button? Once you have done that please attempt to initiate a synchronization.

With your new iPhone, you will need to perform a data restore. It sounds as if you were using Google Drive above for your synchronization, we have steps for performing the data restore here. Would you mind giving those steps a try and let us know your results? Thanks!