Switching from Dropbox to Google Drive for sync

I’m ditching Dropbox and would appreciate if somebody could help me transition to Google Drive without issues. I’m using Codebook on 3 devices (1 Mac, 2 iOS devices). Which is the correct procedure? Should I keep the password?

BTW why isn’t iCloud supported?


Hey @alessiodd

Thanks for using Codebook and posting to the discussion forum.

Switching from syncing with Dropbox to Google Drive is relatively straight forward, you’ll just need to unlink your current Dropbox account on each device, and then link the desired Google Drive account instead. Here are the complete steps:

For each iOS device:

  1. Open and unlock Codebook.
  2. Go to [More] > Sync. Currently your Dropbox account email will show up under the account row, tap the account row then tap “Unlink”.
  3. Tap the Mode Row and Select Google Drive.
  4. Tap the Account Row, this will open a window where you enter your Google Drive credentials (email/password) then “Allow” Codebook access.
  5. After allowing Codebook access in step 4, you should be brought back to the Sync view, tap Start in the upper right hand corner

For your macOS device:

  1. Open and unlock Codebook.
  2. Go to Codebook menu > Preferences > Sync Tab. Currently the Dropbox radio button should be selected and your account name should show up underneath with a “Unlink” button. Tap the “Unlink” button. Select the Google Drive radio button, then close out of the Preferences window.
  3. Go to Sync Menu > Start Sync, this should open a browser window where you enter your Google Drive credentials (email/password) then “Allow” Codebook access.
  4. After allowing Codebook the sync should begin.

Should I keep the password?

You don’t need to change your Codebook Master Password at all to complete this process. As long as your Codebook Master Password is exactly the same on all your devices they should be able to sync.

BTW why isn’t iCloud supported?

We have had requests for this in the past. My colleagues response here outlines our reasoning/timeframe for choosing the sync providers we did:

Let me know if you’re able to get switched over and if you have any further questions. Thanks!

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Hi there, I switched flawlessly to GDrive, thanks!

I’m moving away from Dropbox after being an early adopter, because I don’t trust them anymore to handle my data. I think back then it was the right choice for you to integrate with those cross platform providers, but nowadays there are more options on the table, also with a better reputation in handling user data than Dropbox or Google. Apart from iCloud, which offers a compromised experience on non Apple hardware (even on Apple HW it’s way behind), I think people caring for the safety and privacy of their data, which I guess are quite close to the typical Codebook user profile, may have already moved to platforms such as Backblaze B2, SpiderOak, Box.net. I think this could be a good time to revamp your sync provider policies. I’ll stick with you anyway!