Sync via iCloud Drive?


Do you plan to implement sync via iCloud Drive?


@Scud We don’t have any plans to implement iCloud Drive support in Sync at the moment, but we’re not opposed to the idea, could you tell us a bit about why you’d prefer to use iCloud Drive for sync? Thanks!


Well, currently I use Dropbox for cloud storage, but plan to switch to iCloud Drive since it’s a native solution for MacOS/iOS.


I would use iCloud Drive as well. It’s a matter of convenience. Particularly with respect to accommodating Macs where I don’t otherwise have a reason to install Dropbox.

Now, if Strip could sync between cloud services (and not just with cloud services)… that would really be something! :wink:


I would use iCloud Drive as well. Dropbox is not recommended by security experts. Please give us option to sync via iCloud drive. Thanks.


Now that iCloud Drive is becoming more reliable, I am migrating away from DropBox. It would be great if you guys supported iCloud Drive so I could expedite that.


If you guys are really into the privacy game, you need to check out Tresorit and sync with it. It is encrypted on both ends. They can’t even reset your passwords. That is what I use for real security.


Any news about Apple native solution (iCloud drive)? Please, be so kind and improve STRIP with the mentioned feature. thanks


@ZemljakS Sorry, no news here, we do not plan to integrate STRIP with iCloud Drive at this time.


Hello @wgray
Are there even any chances to include iCloud implementation? I think we wait too long for this feature now… :frowning:


Hi @ZemljakS,

I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting, we don’t intend to add support for syncing over iCloud or iCloud Drive. This isn’t because we have any particular problem with the technology, just a perspective on planning. Codebook already supports two similar cloud services that are freely available. To implement a third service (like iCloud Drive or, etc) and maintain it alongside the others requires some considerable attention and focus. Currently we’re working hard on automatic background sync and don’t wish to add a new service to the current system. We hope you’ll understand, good things are ahead!