Google synchronization experience

Since a lot of time, it will be great to have icloud or other master cloud service to sync.

This week Google boycott all Canadian with his decision to cut service to your neighbors

I hope we could reply by adding this feature to your service

I hope it is time to add this feature

Hi @teefo

Thank you for your support of Codebook and for reaching out. Codebook also supports using your personal Dropbox account to sync. You may consider using that if you prefer not to use Google Drive. You can sign up for free for a Dropbox account if you don’t already have one here: Register - Dropbox then switch to Dropbox service on the Sync View/Preferences > Sync Tab, link your Dropbox account and sync.

Codebook uses the Dropbox API (rather than the Dropbox app client) to sync, so you aren’t limited in the number of devices you link Codebook on using the Dropbox free account.

Hey @teefo, I would like to say in additional to @mmoore’s comment that we are working on a new “master cloud service” now. It will be run by us and features automatic background sync. I don’t have a target release date yet, but we’re getting much closer, we’re alpha testing now and putting the finishing touches on certain account management aspects. Would something like that be of interest to you?

I you need to test this feature in beta mode I am volunteer , I used 2 iPad, 2 iPhone and 1 Mac in sync mode . so if you need data sync I could enroll to help, I like very much your password product and recommend to all my friend.

After this upgrade , I hope you will think about family feature

Continue great job


Great! We’ve added you to our internal tracking list for interest in beta testing Codebook automatic sync. We’ll reach out when we’re nearing the beta phase.

If anyone else looking on has interest in beta testing automatic sync when it’s available, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and let us know what devices you’re using. Thanks!