Storing data in cloud


I want a family member to be able to access my passwords in the event something happens to me and both my Dell laptop and iPhone are unavailable to them. This means storing my passwords in the cloud. Given that I use both a pc and an Apple device, I assume I cannot use iCloud for this purpose. Is Dropbox the only alternative in this case? If so, where can I find instructions on how to sync my pc and iPhone with the cloud?


Hi @wjsalisch

Here’s a link to instructions for syncing: Getting Started with Sync

Codebook supports Google Drive and Dropbox cloud sync options (it doesn’t support iCloud sync as you mentioned).

Syncing with a cloud provider creates an encrypted replica of your Codebook data in your personal cloud service account which can only be decrypted using your master password. We never recommend sharing your master password with anyone as it gives them full access to all your data.

That being said, I can understand your desire to give a family member access to your very important information/accounts if something were to happen to you. Perhaps instead of sharing your master password with them, you could write it down along with your cloud service account credentials and our email address/website and store it somewhere secure, like a safe. Then specify in your will that the family member is to receive the key to the safe. Another option would be to export your data as a .CSV and store that in the safe. .CSV export can be found in the menu on the Desktop version of Codebook under the File -> Export.


I’ve decided to stay with WiFi sync and occasionally upload my latest passwords to Codebook on my second computer for my sister to access if the need arises. How do I download Codebook onto that second computer – all I see on your website are payment requirements to download it, and I shouldn’t have to pay for it again.



Hi @wjsalisch

Here’s the link to download Codebook on your second computer:

After installing, you’ll need to activate it using the license key in your fulfillment email from your initial purchase (otherwise it will lock you out after 14 days). If you can’t find your fulfillment email, please reach out to us at or private message me with the email address you used to purchase Codebook.


Good Morning,

I used Codebook (former STRIP) for a very long time and like the sync option via WIFI (my favorite) and its fine that there is an option to use Dropbox and Google Drive. I am wondering that there is no option to use the icloud drive.

Is there a special reason for it? I have have a choice for Dropbox, Google and iCloud I would like to use iCloud. Not that one is better as other or more safety,but I dont like to split all my data to sereval clouds.

I use iCloud as main cloud and it will be great to add this service in one of the further updates. Is there a realistic chance?

Have a good day.


Hello @magnusho

We do not have plans to add iCloud synchronization support to Codebook at this time. We do have plans to expand on our synchronization feature, however I cannot comment on a release date at this time. Thank you for your feedback!


I’ve been using Codebook since it was introduced for the Palm OS sooooo many moons ago. Devoted fan, suggest it to everyone, and rely on the app for all of my secure data storage needs. That said, I have just now switched from W-Fi sync to Google Drive; this to ease synchronization across the 5 devices I use STRIP, er, I mean: Codebook on. Though I understand the data is encrypted, might I suggest that you add a feature to Codebook to allow the user to set both the directory name and filename the sync file is stored in/as on the sync drive for added security? Zetetic and Strip.db are a bit suggestive, if one knows what one is looking at :slight_smile:

Anyway, a suggestion.