Codebook Android Sync Error


I am unable to sync my Codebook install on Android with Google Drive. I have performed an integrity check which found no errors and have attempted to close and restart the sync.

It simply says synchronising (‘do not quit’) indefinitely without ever completing.


Hello @Andrew_Phillips

I’m sorry to hear about the behavior you are experiencing. I have a few follow-up questions for you to help us understand the situation a bit better:

  1. Have you previously synced from Codebook for Android on this device to Google Drive before?
  2. Are you performing a sync or a restore operation?
  3. Have you tried to sync with Dropbox before?

I can see that you were previously synchronizing with Codebook for macOS and experienced an issue that was resolved by modifying your keychain. To rule out any potential conflict with that data currently present on Google Drive, would it be possible for you to login to the Google Drive web interface and delete the Zetetic folder located at the root. Next, perform a synchronization from Codebook for macOS, then attempt a Restore operation from Codebook for Android. Would you give that a try and let us know your results?