Synching on Android

Hi guys,
I have a spreadsheet file shared with me in my google drive. No problem importing the CSV to cyberbook on Mac or Win. CR code generated. Android app bought and installed. CR code scanned, but then nothing I’ve tried worked. I tried to sync the Android app with google drive. It looks like the app does something. importing metadata and other info, flashing % of completion, closing synchronization, but nothing shows in the app. no data was in fact imported. there was no error message. When I tried to sync with the computer the android app cannot find the computer even by IP. I tried three different networks with all the firewalls off and no ports were blocked on the routers.
That’s basically it. This cannot be that complicated. What did I do wrong?

Hey @Robert_Slawinski

Thank you for your support of Codebook and for posting to the discussion forum although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

It sounds like you synced your Android to Google Drive, if your Desktop computer has all your Codebook data present, you’ll need to sync that to Google Drive first to push out all of the data from there to Google Drive and then sync your Android phone to Google Drive to pull down all the data.

Could you try these steps:

  1. Sync the Desktop computer which has all your Codebook data to Google Drive.
  2. Sync your Android phone to Google Drive.

If your data doesn’t sync over after this, could you let me know the answers to these follow up questions:

  1. Do you receive an error message of some sort?
  2. What versions of Codebook are you using? On Android, this can be found at the top of the Settings screen with Codebook. On Windows this can be found under the Help > About menu. On macOS this can be found under Codebook menu > About.

Let me know the results. Thanks!

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Syncing the Desktop back to Google Drive (which I thought would be redundant), with scanning the printed CR code with my iMac did the trick. Thank you so much.


Excellent news. Glad I could help.

Please feel free to reach out again if you have any further questions, issues, or feedback (we’re also always happy to help at in addition to the public discussion forum).