Problem getting Google Drive data to Codebook in windows

I have a Codebook account with an android phone and Google Drive. I used to have a windows version with them, too. I have never gotten the windows version to accept the data from Google Drive, getting the error message of “the sync key stored in this instance of Codebook is unable to open the changesets database”.

I’ve tried several things which haven’t worked, which might have changed things since my last Sync with the cell phone. I’ve entered the sync key into the windows version, using the keyword method. (The windows version does show the correct sync key words.) I’ve recently renamed the Shards folder to OldShards. It now contains four changesets files and one metadata file.

Since trying a sync using the windows version of Codebook and after the rename of the Shards folder, I get a nice new instance of the Shards folder with two changesets.db files and one metadata file. It looks like the result of a brand new Codebook program creation process, using my old Master Password.

The only reason I use the windows version of Codebook are for exporting the data to print and to file for disaster recovery. I don’t want to lose the data I have now in the cell phone!!! At worst now I may have to type all the stuff out, which will take days and probably I’ll be making errors as I go. Grrrr.

Can anyone give me advice? I don’t want to risk using the file of data which I assume/hope is in the OldShards folder in Google Drive. Thanks.

Hi @dons_stuff

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties syncing between Android and Windows, we’d be happy to help get everything squared away. It may be easier to have you contact us at to address this specific scenario. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!