Error communicating with Dropbox - unable to open the changesets database

Installed Codebook on a new computer. Added wordlist and attempted to sync with Dropbox. Communicates up to 25% then I get

“the sync key stored in this instance of Codebook is unable to open the changesets database”

I’ve used the word list to sync with another computer that had an existing install of Codebook.

How do I fix this?

Update: I attached a web cam to the new computer and scanned the QR code. Codebook was then able to sync.

Hi @edbeckphotography thanks for letting us know this is resolved. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further trouble.

I get the same message (the sync key stored in this instance of codebook is unable to open the changesets database), but with Google Drive. My PC and my smartphone have the same problem. I’ve already created a sync key by scanning the QR code created in my PC, so I’m stuck.

Hi @Rubem_Pechansky

All versions of Codebook allow you to delete the Sync Key stored locally. We have some documentation on that here. If you are syncing between desktop and smartphone via Google Drive, you can delete the Sync Key on either the Desktop, or the smartphone, then use Setup Sync Key instructions to add the Sync Key to the Codebook installation you just removed from the other device. Now Desktop and smartphone should be using the same Sync Key. Finally, login to the Google Drive web interface here and navigate into the Zetetic folder, locate the Shards directory and delete it. Next initiate a sync from either device to Google Drive, then another sync from your other device. Would you give that a try and let us know your results?