Codebook for iOS 3.3.9 Released

We’ve got a quick bug fix release out this morning, hopefully this will nail the final issues we’ve run into since the release of iOS 11, it follows on the heels of 3.3.7 and 3.3.8 which were also iOS 11 bug fix releases. Tap this link on your iOS device to view Codebook on the App Store.

Changes in this version (3.3.9):

  • Six digit TOTP access codes are displayed grouped in threes
  • Fixes display of favorite stars in search result rows displayed in the side nav on iPad
  • Fixes addition of an unwanted space character on paste in various password and editing text fields
  • Fixes doubling of input when switching password fields on setup
  • Fixes cursor jumping and improper clearing of text on password fields
  • Fixes up search bar display and inaccessibility on iPad
  • Fixes regression on Add button in the Journal view in the nav bar (Menu was displayed instead by mistake)

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