Codebook for iOS 3.5.5 Released - Larger Text


Today we’re proud to release Codebook for iOS version 3.5.5, which supports the Larger Text sizes made available in iOS 11. Found in the Settings app under Accessibility, Larger Text provides five new larger font sizes that Codebook can adapt to, which can make it much easier to use your favorite password manager. Give it a shot, rest those weary eyes!

Changes in this version:

  • Improves visual accessibility, adding support for Larger Text sizes on iOS 11! See Accessibility settings under the iOS Settings app to enable and adjust.
  • Alphabetical indexing on the entries list under the category view is now optional, available under under Settings > Preferences > Display alphabetic index. Setting is disabled by default.
  • Fixes a long-standing bug on the login view where the layout could collapse under certain circumstances (thanks, Łukasz!)
  • Fixes crash when discarding changes to a note entry


Visit this link on your iOS device to download Codebook from the iTunes App Store.


As always, please let us know if you’re having a problem with the software or have any feedback. If you like Codebook and you’re pleased with our progress, please consider giving us a rating or a review in the iTunes App Store, they help quite a bit!