Codebook for iOS 4.5.3 Released

Codebook for iOS 4.5.3 is available to download now.

This is a point release update with just a few adjustments.

Changes in this version:

  • Fixes NSNull crash when importing notes from Codebook Secure Notebook
  • Fixes an edge-case failure to report an error during sync
  • Adds 30 second grace period before clearing copied TOTP fields when using Password AutoFill
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Thanks a lot. For once a managed to download the desktop version and the iPhone immediately. Have a beautiful weekend, Bill and your team.
Best regards from the Rhine River, Franz Meier

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Thanks so much @franzmeier, always a pleasure to hear from you, we hope you’re having a nice summer!

We have, and HOT, but we are lucky and live 3 min from the cool Rhine River and go swimming there.

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