Codebook for iOS 4.5.17 Released - Updated for iOS 17

Greetings, Codebook users! Codebook for iOS 4.5.17 is now available.

This should be a very low impact update, more of a due diligence update on our part. This version of Codebook has been built with the latest development tools from Apple for iOS 17. Under the hood we’ve only made a couple of very minor changes.

Codebook 5 Beta

Testers Wanted!

We are preparing to start beta testing Codebook 5, which features a brand new, automatic sync service we are calling Codebook Cloud. Unlike the current sync services, you never have to remember to kick it off, it just works. All data stored in Codebook Cloud is encrypted with the Sync Key.

We’ll have more details available soon along with a formal beta announcement, but I wanted to mention it here for any of our customers who actually read the release notes :wink: Anybody who signs up to help beta test will be given a pretty nice discount on the service once it goes live (access to Codebook Cloud will require a subscription).

You can sign-up for beta testing here.