Codebook for iOS 4.5.19 Beta - Several Bug Fixes

Codebook for iOS 4.5.19 is now available for beta testing in TestFlight. It includes several important improvements for day-to-day use of the application, and avoiding possibility of data loss while editing passwords.

One area where we are hoping to see a big improvement is with the Password AutoFill app extension. It was frequently being terminated while in the background, and running rather inefficiently, causing it to be slow and jittery when bringing up Codebook Password AutoFill from Mobile Safari and other iOS apps.

Changes in this version:

  • [iPad] Fixes pending password edits being cleared when transitioning from full screen to split screen
  • Fixes improper reporting of “In memory” size within Database Info
  • Fixes Drive sync stalling when revoking access through web interface
  • Fixes Entries list and Entry view improperly dismissing when going to the background and returning
  • Fixes statistics reporting bugs from app extensions (Password AutoFill and Find in Codebook), improving performance

Coming Soon: Codebook 5 Beta

Testers Wanted!

We are preparing to start beta testing Codebook 5, which features a brand new, automatic sync service we are calling Codebook Cloud. Unlike the current sync services, you never have to remember to kick it off, it just works. All data stored in Codebook Cloud is encrypted with the Sync Key.

We’ll have more details available soon along with a formal beta announcement, but we are mentioning it here for any of our macOS customers who take the time to read these additional release notes. Anybody who signs up to help beta test will be given a pretty nice discount on the service once it goes live (access to Codebook Cloud will require a subscription).

You can sign-up for beta testing here.