Codebook for iOS 5.0.0 Beta - Codebook Cloud

Thank you for signing up to beta test Codebook Cloud, we really appreciate your help and look forward to your feedback!

If you haven’t signed up for beta testing, please do so here:

Changes in 5.0.0 for iOS

  • Adds a new Codebook Cloud sync service for automatic background sync!
  • Adds support for background app refresh when Codebook Cloud is in use
  • When Codebook Cloud is the selected sync service, the Sync view displays the current status of the service
  • There is a new Welcome screen shown when Codebook is run for the first time, making it easy to set up a new Codebook Cloud account, set up a new device for an existing user (whether or not Codebook Cloud is being used), and a Setup Later option to go straight to the Master Password setup
  • Upgrading users of existing installs will be presented with a Try Codebook Cloud view the first time they run this version
  • There is a new Sync Log option on the Sync view, which will show logs Codebook Cloud if in use, and for the older, manual sync services
  • The Backup Sync Key feature now supports saving your Sync Key to a file with the extension .synckey, in its contents the Sync Key is encrypted with your Master Password
  • Adds support for importing a Sync Key from a .synckey file
  • Full support for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese translations, with thousands of missing and partial translations corrected alongside all the new strings and dialogs in this version – please let us know if we missed any!
  • Fixes numerous bugs that would occur when Codebook entered the background state
  • Fixes several edge-case bugs for processing sync changes for all sync services