Codebook Cloud - Beta Testers Wanted!

Coming soon in Codebook 5: Codebook Cloud, an automatic, background sync service!

We are pleased to announce that we will be starting beta testing soon for Codebook Cloud, and would like to invite you to get early access and test it out.

Codebook Cloud is a new sync service for Codebook designed and run by us here at Zetetic. It features automatic, background sync for Codebook Password Manager, keeping your passwords and other sensitive data in sync across your devices. You’ll never need to remember to sync your passwords again!

Codebook Cloud features end-to-end encryption. All data stored in the service is encrypted before it ever leaves your device, and we do not store any keys for decrypting that data, it is completely opaque to us.

For more information about Codebook Cloud’s features and security measures, please visit our FAQ page.

To sign up for beta testing, please fill out this form:

(If you signed up already, no need to do it again.)

Once you sign up, we will be in touch with instructions for installing the latest betas and getting started.

Codebook Cloud beta will initially be available for iOS, macOS, and Windows users. Android support is still in the works, but the client has been upgraded so you can still use the manual sync services with Codebook 5.

We really appreciate any time you have to help us test it out, and are eager to get your feedback.

Discount Gift for Beta Participants

We haven’t decided on the exact discount just yet, but since a couple folks have asked, we are planning to provide a discounted rate for all who participants in the Codebook Cloud Beta who:

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