Codebook for macOS 5.0.0 Beta - Codebook Cloud

Thank you for signing up to beta test Codebook Cloud, we really appreciate your help and look forward to your feedback!

If you haven’t signed up for beta testing, please do so here:

Changes in 5.0.0 for macOS

  • There is a new sync service available called Codebook Cloud under Codebook menu > Settings (formerly Preferences) > Sync tab
  • The Main Window now features a sync status icon in the bottom right corner, letting you know whether Codebook Cloud is active, or indicating what other sync service is currently in use
  • There is a new Welcome screen shown when Codebook is being run for the first time on a Mac, which is intended to make it easy for new users to get started with Codebook Cloud, and for existing users to set up Codebook on a new Mac, whether or not they use Codebook Cloud (there is also a Setup Later option to skip all that and go straight to setting the Master Password)
  • Upgrading users will be presented with a Try Codebook Cloud prompt the first time they run this new version on their Mac (it should only be shown once)
  • There is a new Sync Log feature available under the Sync menu > Sync Log
  • The toolbar button icons have all been updated
  • There is only one toolbar button for Delete, to replace the separate Delete Category and Delete Entry toolbar buttons
  • There is a new header view for Search Results that gets displayed when a Search is active, to highlight that the context of entries displayed in the middle column of the Main Window
  • New option in Backup Sync Key for saving to a file (the key itself will be encrypted with your Master Password) with extension .synckey
  • New support for importing a Sync Key from a .synckey file
  • Numerous layout improvements to each tab in the Settings (formerly Preferences) window
  • When Touch ID login is enabled, Codebook will occasionally ask the user to type their Master Password in order to help prevent it being forgotten (new installs only) – this can be ignored via the Touch ID button, and this behavior can be adjusted along with the reminder interval in Settings > Locking
  • When Touch ID login is enabled, Codebook usually prompts you automatically to authenticate when the app is locked and becomes active – this automatic prompting can be disabled in Settings > Locking, and Codebook will instead make the button for showing the prompt the first responder so you can trigger it yourself via spacebar / enter key
  • Full support for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese translations, with thousands of missing and partial translations corrected alongside all the new strings and dialogs in this version – please let us know if we missed any!
  • Fixes several edge-case bugs for processing sync changes for all sync services