Codebook for Windows 5.0.0 Beta - Codebook Cloud

Thank you for signing up to beta test Codebook Cloud, we really appreciate your help and look forward to your feedback!

If you haven’t signed up for beta testing, please do so here:


  • Fix issue preventing importing a Sync Key file generated on iOS or macOS
  • Display changeset remote data within the Database Information window when available


  • Pluralize the months/years display on the CC loyalty discount description


  • Fix crash that could occur on Integrity Check
  • Adds support to Integrity Check for cleaning up empty touched-at dates
  • Fix initial right-click on categories/entries list view not display context menu


  • Unchecking “generate password for me” will clear the password field
  • Add hint text on new install Scan Sync Key screen for locating Sync Key on another device
  • Reduce size of installer by approximately 50%


  • Introduce new sync preference called Codebook Cloud available in File > Settings > Sync providing automatic background synchronization.
  • The Main Window features a sync status icon in the bottom left corner, letting you know whether Codebook Cloud is active along with the sync status.
  • A new Welcome screen is shown when running Codebook for Windows for the first time. This is intended to help both new and existing users configure Codebook with a new installation.
  • Upgrading users will be presented with a Try Codebook Cloud prompt the first time they run this new version on Windows (it should only be shown once).
  • New option in Backup Sync Key for saving to a file (the key itself will be encrypted with your Master Password) with extension .synckey.
  • New support for importing a Sync Key from a .synckey file.
  • Improve tab keyboard navigation.
  • Change entry list multi-select view keybinding to LeftShift+ LeftCtrl.
  • Autocomplete listing sorted by frequency of use.
  • Fix autolock rescheduling when returning from a locked state.