Codebook Cloud Beta Update - New Builds, Subscriptions, Discounts

If you signed up for Codebook Cloud beta testing but haven’t heard from us yet, don’t worry, we will get to you soon! We’ve been adding people who signed up in batches to help ensure system stability. Another group of testers will be added later this morning.

New Builds

For those who already have access to the beta, please be aware that we updated the iOS, macOS, and Windows versions yesterday. You should have received an email about this, but I want to mention it here in case it ended up in the circular file.

Subscriptions Expiring Too Quickly

We noticed a lot of the new accounts were first signed up on iOS, and thus test-purchased an Apple subscription. These expire very quickly, in just over a day, which is a bit of nuisance. It’s nothing we have control over, just how Apple does it. For a subscription that will not expire for the duration of the beta test, you can do either of the following:

  1. Sign In to Codebook Cloud on the Windows or macOS version, and purchase a subscription in those apps
  2. Go to, Login > Subscription Status, and purchase the subscription there
  3. Shoot us a quick email to and we will set one up for you in our backend

Sorry about the bother, we needed to test subscription purchasing, but perhaps there was a way we could have mitigated the Apple issue in advance. I’ve just taken a look through accounts that were active and are now expired, and granted subscriptions to those that should not expire.

Discount Gift for Beta Participants

We haven’t decided on the exact discount just yet, but since a couple folks have asked, we are planning to provide a discounted rate for all who participants in the Codebook Cloud Beta who:

We really appreciate all of you helping out with your own free time, and trying Codebook Cloud out with your own personal data, so we plan to thank you with an on-going discount on subscriptions.