Sharing a Codebook Cloud account and subscription

Me and my wife used the same sync cloud now, well we don’t have any secret for us…Question what it will be with different appleid ? it will be ok or not ?

Hi @teefo, thanks for asking!

It’s fine to share a Codebook Cloud account with your spouse.

When you sign into Codebook Cloud on one of your Apple devices and use your Apple ID to purchase a subscription for the Codebook Cloud account, that information gets sent to our servers by Apple and we update that Codebook Cloud account to mark it as having an active subscription.

Then if you log into the same Codebook Cloud account onto another device, whether it’s your wife’s iPhone (where she uses a different Apple ID), or on another platform like Windows, Codebook Cloud will still show the account as having an active subscription.

Now, that’s for using the same Codebook Cloud account (as in, the same email and password) to Sign In to Codebook Cloud on all your copies of Codebook.

One last thing to note: while we are in Beta Testing, any subscription purchased in Codebook on iOS happens in a testing environment, which has an accelerated schedule for the subscription’s renewal. It will expire within a day or two.

Once that happens, Codebook will report the subscription is inactive. At that point you can repeat the process to buy the subscription, and again no charge will apply.

Alternatively, if you Sign In to Codebook Cloud on the macOS or Windows client, and purchase the subscription there, it will also be in a test environment (you will not be charged), but in addition it will not expire while we’re in Beta Testing, so you won’t need to do it over and over again as we go forward.

There’s a little more info about that further down in the beta setup guide.

Please let me know if that helps!