Codebook 5 Beta Feedback

I’m working on setting up this beta on the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • macOS
  • Windows 10

As of this morning I only had Codebook 5 installed on my iPhone and macOS. In general the installation and setup was fairly straightforward.

This morning however when opening Codebook on my phone it indicated that I did not have a valid Codebook Cloud subscription. I had to “re-purchase” a new subscription through the phone. After doing so it seems to work fine.

Now I am setting up Codebook 5 on my Windows system and I am having user difficulties with the Sign In to Codebook Cloud step. The password is long & random and I have to re-type it while reading from my phone.

The “show password” button on the password field is giving me difficulties. I would like to toggle the password to be visible so I can confirm what I typed, as I had mistyped the password and needed to re-verify. Currently the “show password” button requires being held down to keep visible and as soon as I let go the password is hidden again. I’m guessing this behavior is intentional however for my use case this morning it is not usable. I had one mistyped character in the middle of a ~20 character password and wanted to fix it, but I have to delete the entire thing and re-type.

For multiple devices when signing in to an existing account for Codebook Cloud, would it be possible to have a “confirm from other device” to avoid having to re-type a password? For example, it would be nice if I could type my username/email into the Windows application account login then have it prompt on my phone with a TOTP code to re-type on the Windows system. I have seen this pattern elsewhere, e.g. when logging into streaming services on TVs where it’s tedious and difficult to type in a secure password. In the case of Codebook Cloud, now that there is a central online account that these devices are being tied to it seems like a secure option for this could be possible.

Sorry I just noticed at the bottom of this post that feedback should be replied to that post instead of in a new post altogether.

Hi @cspeckrun,

Thank you for your feedback, this is helpful, we will discuss this internally. Were you able to get signed into Codebook Cloud on Windows?

No worries @cspeckrun , it’s totally fine to start a new thread for feedback!

Yes I was able to log in and get things synced!

I have an iPhone and am using 5.0.0 (4178).
It seems to forget my Codebook Cloud subscription every day

Hi @fullofquestions1975 ,

Thanks for beta testing and sorry about that! The Apple subscriptions only last about a day in the test App Store environment, and that’s something we don’t have control over (unless we turn off or modify our subscription processing, which we’d like to avoid while getting ready for production). I’ve created a subscription for you on our backend that will not expire for the duration of the beta test.

For anybody following along, if you sign up for a subscription on the desktop apps, which goes through our FastSpring store, those subscriptions will not expire for the duration of the beta. Or, reach out to us and we will create one for you in our backend.


Mine expired too and I can’t refresh it myself. It told me to contact Zetetic support. Could you please create one for me, too?


I just created a new subscription for you on our backend which should persist for the entirety of the beta period.

On your next login you should get the updated subscription status.

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Thanks, this is confirmed!