Multiple users on a MAC

I have multiple users on a MAC and iPhones. Can I use a single license for all users and can each users access a separate database? If not is there a solution using Codebook for this?

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Codebook for iOS is purchased via the iTunes App Store and is associated with the Apple ID you used to purchase it. Apple offers something called the Family Sharing where you’re able to share purchase made under your Apple ID with the rest of your family.

Codebook for macOS can be purchased either via the Mac App Store or directly from us. If you purchased Codebook for macOS via the Mac App Store, it is also associated with the Apple ID you used to purchase it and can be setup to use Family Sharing as linked above.

If you purchased Codebook for macOS directly from us, you can use the same license key to install Codebook for macOS on up to 5 macOS machines for personal use (if you can no longer find your license key please write us at and we can re-send it to you).

Can I use a single license for all users

The Codebook End User License Agreement permits using the same license for “Individual personal use on up to 5 computers”.

can each users access a separate database

A user’s Codebook database is stored locally on your device(s) and in your personal cloud account when you sync with Google Drive or Dropbox. So each user can definitely (and by default) has their own individual Codebook database.

Please let me know if this clears things up, and if there’s anything else we can do to assist. Thanks!


Just to be sure. We use 2 Macs and 2 iPads with two separate databases, independent Desktop WIFI sync. One iPad is synced to a Macbook; the other iPad to an iMac.
There is two users on the iMac. Codebook is setup for User A. User B has a separate database but no Sync Key yet. When I see " *Have you already created your Sync Key in another copy of Codebook?" The answer is Yes or No ? The answer is Yes for user A. For the second user, is this considered another copy of Codebook or not? My guess is No, correct ?
could be improved for this use case.


Unless you’re planning on syncing between User A and User B’s databases to share the entire database between both users, you’ll want independent Sync Keys for each user.

From you description, it sounds like that’s not the case, so siince each instance of Codebook is syncing independently with different databases, User A will want to establish one Sync Key which is shared between both his devices, and User B will want to establish a second Sync Key which is shared between his devices.

So User B will want to choose “No” to generate a new Sync Key on his iMac, then choose “Yes” (I already have a Sync Key) on his iPad and import the one that was just generated on the iMac by following the instructions in the link you provided.

Please make sure to backup each Sync Key as mentioned in this post as well: Codebook Help - Backup Your Sync Key

We’ll be happy to help if you have any questions or run into any issues. Thanks!

Thanks. But there is already a Sync Key established between the iPad and the Macbook. So I guess In this case I should use Sync → Add a new device on the iPad and show that QR code to the iMac’s camera. Correct? That will not break the link to the Macbook. User wants to sync with two computers, the new one from a session on the iMac.


Thanks for the response and apologies if my understanding of your question wasn’t correct.

All devices that want to sync the same Codebook data will need to the same Sync Key.

I believe from the scenario you outlined you have two different users total. So:

  • User A will want one Sync Key for all their devices
  • User B will want a separate Sync Key for all their devices

From your description it sounds like User A is already syncing their devices successfully with a Sync Key (User A’s Sync Key).

From your follow up, it sounds like User B may have already generated a separate Sync Key (User B’s Sync Key) on one device. If this is the case, then User B will want to import their Sync Key (User B’s Sync Key) into their other devices using Sync > Setup Sync Key and choose “Yes” (I already have a Sync Key) and display the already generated Sync Key via Sync Menu (or View) > Add a Device.

Let me know if I’ve understood your current situation correctly and if this clarifies what to do next. Thanks!